Software processes, quality, and standards (IDX1511, IDY0204)

The main materials for the course are in Moodle, course “Software quality (Tarkvara kvaliteet)”. Some useful links are given below.

Short overview, references, and arrangement of the course. NB! Please see examination questions and materials in Sections 5 and 6.

Basic concepts: quality, products, requirements, processes, course. Short video introduction to the course.

Software testing. Short summary video on equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis.

Static methods.

Notes on formal methods for software.

Testing arrangement and automation.

Software quality management.

Software metrics.

Software process frameworks: ISO/IEC 12207, CMMI, and related.

Notes on IT audit.

IT Baseline Security.


Example quiz and responses.

Exercises – Functional testing.

Exercises – Selenium.

Exercises – Canoo WebTest.

Exercises – jMeter.

Exercises – Metrics, Costar.

Exercises – Fault trees and TopEvent FTA 2016 .

Please see also references in the course arrangement and other materials above.