Software processes, quality, and standards (IDX1511, IDY0204)

The main materials for the course are in Moodle, course “Software quality (Tarkvara kvaliteet)”. Some materials for self-study are given below.

Short overview, references, and arrangement of the course. An overview video about the course arrangement and Labs.

Basic concepts: quality, course, product. Short video.

Basic concepts: requirements. Short video.

Basic concepts: processes. Short video.

Testing – concepts, ad hoc, smoke, experience based, exploratory, risk based: slides and short video.

White-box testing: slides and a short video. An exercise with two examples for modifying: and

Static analysis: slides and a summary video .

Notes on formal methods for software.

Testing arrangement and automation.

Software quality management.

Software metrics.

Software process frameworks: ISO/IEC 12207, CMMI, and related.

Notes on IT audit.

IT Baseline Security.


Example quiz and responses.

Materials for exercises – Functional testing.

Materials for exercises- Selenium.

Materials for exercises- Canoo WebTest.

Materials for exercises – jMeter.

Materials for exercises- Metrics, Costar.

Materials for exercises- Fault trees and TopEvent FTA 2016 .

Please see also references in the course arrangement and other materials above.
Note: these materials are for self-study, not for receiving grade points from tests etc.